Scientists Answer the Question: Heart Attack Risks for Kids

The increasing number of heart attack raises this question: can a teenager have a heart attack from stress? Now youth and teenagers are common to have heart attack. This makes some people wonder about the cause of this phenomenon. There are many factors that could be the culprit of the heart attack amongst teenagers. One of them is stress.

Now, teenagers have to face stressful challenges. School, family, and modern life have given the teenager more pressure in their life. The statistic shows that now, the younger generations are increasingly stressed. In 2015, forty-five percent of the millennial are experiencing stress. While the generations before are about twenty-five percent.

As life becomes denser, competition increases. Teenagers are required to fulfill the vast ad dynamic life of the modern era.

Stress and Body Metabolism

When your body is stressed, adrenaline hormone is released. This might increase the escalation of heartbeat. Even, in some cases the heartbeat might become irregular and uneven. As result, blood pressure is increased. The increased blood pressure could cause problems. If there is cholesterol deposit, it might clog the blood circulation. It’s a condition that will trigger a heart attack.

Although there are stress and body metabolism relation, stress doesn’t have direct correlation with heart attack. Even, stress symptoms are similar to heart disease symptoms. Symptoms such as high blood pressure, pain the chest, and unreasonable fatigue are found in both stress and heart attack. But general consensus of scientists and medical expert believes stress and heart attack doesn’t have direct correlation.

However, Scientists believe that a stressful mind combined with a bad lifestyle increases the possibility of heart attack. Stress is true could not be eliminated. Even, stress is needed in certain condition. But it’s still better to manage your stress to prevent unwanted consequences. It’s better to avoid stress so the question ”can a teenager have a heart attack from stress“ doesn’t haunt you.

Prevent Stress and Heart Attack

If you feel stressed, it’s recommended to meditate. Doing yoga is also a popular method to reduce stress. Exercise like jogging and swimming is also a great way to cope with stress. Cardio exercise activities, like running, also keeps the stress down while keeping the heart-healthy. Some people also do drawing, coloring, and singing as a method to get away from stress. Hang out with friends and telling your problem will help you relax and find solution to your problem. But if these aren’t enough, you could always go to a stress management class or psychologist.

Alcohol and smoking as a stress-coping mechanism

Some people drink alcohol when they are stressed. This habit could lead to heart attack. Drinking alcohol raises blood pressure. The alcohol content in the blood also weakens the heart muscle. It might cause the heart to beat irregularly. The risk of a heart attack increases.

Smoking is also a popular stress coping mechanism besides alcohol. When people smoke, adrenaline hormones are increasing. Smoking also causes the effect of relieved. But actually, this coping mechanism is bad in the long run.

Smoking damages the artery linings. Fatty material could be stuck up and causes heart attack. While carbon monoxide that smokers inhale is reducing the oxygen. The heart responds to beat faster to compensate the lack of oxygen. It worsens by the nicotine that boosts adrenaline. The high blood pressure increases could trigger a heart attack anytime. So, the answer of ” can a teenager have a heart attack from stress”is yes, but in an indirect way.

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