Parenting Struggles: Part 3

An initiative that focuses on sexual abuse in children is really needed today. taking action by talking about child sexual assault with your children’s caregivers and your children can prevent it. The Parenting Safe Children workshop gives you all the tools you need to talk with both your children’s caregivers and your children to build your Prevention Team. These insightful and practical tips embrace the best and most relevant psychological theories, giving parents a blueprint to help their children acquire a healthy sense of self an the capacity to love. As the mother of two grown children, Sue Groner knows how stressful and overwhelming parenting can be at times.

Lets be honest, everyone has an opinion on parenting – where babies should sleep, what they should eat, and whether parents should spank, scold, or praise. Training in the PLH programmes is led by various non-governmental organisations, including Clowns Without Borders South Africa (South Africa), the Prevention Research for Community, Family and Child Health at Stellenbosch University (South Africa) and the Children’s Early Intervention Trust (Wales). Parenting followed up its National Magazine Award-winning year by taking over parenting category ad page leadership from long-time competitor Parents in 2004.

Parenting NI consult with parents to give you the opportunity to have your say on issues important to you and your family. Provides easy-to-use parenting tools to support your child’s success from kindergarten through the teen years. Parenting UK, part of Family Lives, provides advice for parenting professionals.

Adding more great resource for parents, Amma Parenting Center is the trusted resource where new and expecting families get the information and support they need in a welcoming, friendly environment. Although parenting can be very rewarding there may be times when you feel a little out of your depth and in need of some help and support. In a recent interview with Today, Affleck credited his ex with facilitating an awesome coparenting relationship, even when times were tough.

Whatever knowledge you gained from any coomities will make for high quality parenting, which is just as important as the quantity of time you spend with your child. I am learning to integrate the simplicity of Dutch parenting with the richness of my Silicon Valley lifestyle. I didn’t agree with everything, nor did I think every approach would work for my family, but I loved their perspective and wisdom and now feel a bit more empathetic, intentional, and relaxed” in my parenting approach.

Personally this has greatly enriched my parenting and increased my appreciation for all the unique ways to raise a child. I guess knowledge does means power?


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